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What to do?

So I took this plunge into massage therapy and just recently graduated, got my license, and opened up my own practice. And I can tell once it is in full swing my business will do great. But right now it is not at that point, and I need money to pay the bills.
So I keep thinking about going and finding a massage job working at most two days a week...just to have a steady income.
I swore I wouldn't work in a spa as that is not the type of work I like and/or plan to build my practice with.
It would be money coming in that I could count on. It would still leave me 3-4 days a week to see my own clients at my own location.
And once I grew my practice enough I could step away from the second job.

Right now I am doing assistant teaching at my school, but that ends in about a month. I probably would wait till that was over to do this, but I like to have a plan. Kinda OCD that way really.

With the way our finances our now I think it is needed. We have our normal bills, the GA house, my TN house, repairs to my TN house, and of course Gracie's care to pay each month. Vern has been carrying us while I was in school with his income but I think it is wearing on us both.

I just hate to get stuck in something, or not like it, or have it interfere with my own practice.
Why is money stuff never easy????


Jan. 18th, 2013 12:56 am (UTC)
HAHAHA! I forgot about that episode completely!
Yes one must pay the bills. And while I am not into the spa/fluff and buff massage I can give a damn good one. :)