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Barn Woes

Well today I got a bomdshell dropped on from the barn I keep Gracie at.
They are closing....
The plan was always to sell it but they were not going to till the trainer left to go elsewhere.
She decided that having no covered/indoor wasn't acceptable for her business (which I can see) so she is moving her
training horses to another barn.
So the owner's are taking this time to decide to put it on the market.

Thing that sucks is I JUST moved Gracie there in December and REALLY love the place.

I totally get where everyone involved is coming from. But it was such a nice place and the people were great. I thought
I had found the nice little dressage barn I had always wanted to be at long term.
Hopefully I can stay in touch with everyone I have met.

So now I need to go and find a new barn. The area my massage office is in is a pricey one so I am limited as to what I can
afford for Gracie. This place was great because they let me work on Sundays to lower the board. It was not something I wanted
to do long term but just till I could get my business going and sell that damn house in TN.

I have a few leads but the idea of looking just exhausts me. It isn't fun at all even though you would think it would be.
The place I talked to today was great...except you have to use their trainers and can't bring yours in. I have my two sponsors
who I want to work with especially as I rehab Gracie back from the EPM.
So that one is out.

Have a few others to call and hopefully go see next week after I am back from my TN trip. I leave tomorrow so no chance to go
this week or weekend.

Overall I am just frustrated. This is NOT what I wanted to do and I hate to stress Gracie more after just treating her for the EPM. This better now set her back any.

Really I hope I can find a low key place. I would actually like a dressage/eventing barn just so I can expose her to more than just dressage. If it had a covered I would be so excited but not necessary. Good pastures and lots of turnout. Trails to ride on would also be nice. And the ability to use whatever vet/farrier/trainer I wanted.
Not too much to ask for right???

Other than that she is actually doing really well after finishing her treatment. I am actually having to keep her from doing too much while on the lunge....she wants to buck, leap, and gallop. And undersaddle she feels more stable. Even have been doing some light trot work and she is much more balanced than she was before. Started hand walking her up/down hills this week. So crossing fingers we are on the path to recovery!

My business is going well. I wish one opened their doors and clients flooded in but it doesn't work that way. But talking to veteran's of the field they said the number of clients I am seeing a week is actually good for someone in their first month. At least I am breaking even money wise!
Heading to TN for four days to see horse clients. Got a full book so that makes me happy...even though I will be exhausted. Human massage is way less taxing than working on horses, but I do enjoy both.

Anyways...off to get things packed up. Leave after school and seeing clients tomorrow.


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Jan. 31st, 2013 04:57 pm (UTC)
Bummer about the barn, it's hard to lose one you're comfortable at and that has nice folks and the amenities you require. Hopefully you can find something just as good!

I've done a little bit of horse massage, and damn, it *is* exhausting! Such big muscles!!! That said, seeing the horse respond to my touch in a relaxed and pleasurable manner was a real treat.
Feb. 2nd, 2013 12:15 am (UTC)
that really sucks. I hope you can find another situation that is as good. It sounds like that barn had the whole package, including great boarders.
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