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Well this week has been an odd one. I had two days off...like didn't do any work related things. Today I didn't see clients but I spend the day at the office folding laundry, balancing my books, and meeting some of the pilates client's at the studio. Borrowed a massage chair and when I am in the office will offer yoga and pilates peeps a free chair massage. Figured it is a good way to meet people and maybe get some new clients.

Overall the business is going well. I wish I was more busy, but these things take time. I have only been "open" for about a month and a half. So far I have seen a fair number of clients and everyone goes on about how they loved their sessions. Hoping for some word of mouth referrals. The horse work is steady and is somewhat growing even. My trips to TN keep me super busy for the days I am there...both in Knoxville and now Nashville.
And locally here in Atlanta I am steady. Getting a few of the bigger barns now and do a whole day at them seeing horses. Would like to find a few more like that to work out of.
In the next few weeks I am going to start working out of a physical therapy office about one day a week. I know I will learn TONS at this place seeing so many different cases and problems. Plus another opportunity to grow my practice!!

Found Gracie a new home, and she moves there March 2nd. I think overall she will be happier there than the barn she is currently at...even though I LOVE the current barn. The new barn will have a lot of pasture for her to be out on, and she will be turned out longer. Right now she is only going out for about five hours a day...I think it is driving her a bit batty. So will be interesting to see if she chills out some after being out more.
The new barn only has about 8 stalls but has a wash rack and tack lockers. There is a small dressage ring with mirrors, and you can also ride in the pastures. A lunge pen is there too, but I was told in the winter it is hard to use cause it likes to retain water.
Very quiet peaceful place...I think it will be good for us. And I can bring in my own trainers.

She has been kinda wild when I have ridden her or even lunged her. Granted it has been sporadic thanks to my schedule, but still no excuse to be a bitch. I am hoping to get a trainer friend over next week and have her help me with her. I want to make sure I am bringing her back from the EPM correctly. Actually the EPM seems totally gone, and she is a lot stronger on that right hind. She has NO problem galloping on the lunge line and bucking like a fiend. And when she settles she actually will stretch down into the side reins at the canter and looks mostly balanced. A huge step.

Long weekend coming up with clients at the office tomorrow and then a horse clinic I am a vendor at over the weekend. Fun times...