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Gracie is Lame??

So Gracie became a fire breathing dragon under saddle about two weeks or so ago. Looking back it has kinda been growing over the last month. Her normal sucking back and refusing to move forward. When asked she hops around in place, crow hops, kicks at your leg, and pretends to want to rear. If she is just being lazy she will do it once and then go into work. When she is in pain she does it repeat times and is very resistant to let it go and go to work.
Last Wednesday I had a terrible ride. I never really got her moving, but I felt it wasn't worth it to fight her since I know it is a pain thing. Rode again that following Saturday and while still crabby worked out of it eventually. This Wednesday not much better.
So Thursday night I lunged her and took some video...she had felt a tad different to me the night before.
Then I rode her walk mostly and a bit of trot. Walked fine, but very sucked back when asked to trot.

To me this is not the EPM. This is something new. I massaged her before the ride yesterday and she a mess in her right hind leg. Up high in her glut muscles was a mass of knots that had her bucking in the cross ties. Needless to say I had worked on her about two weeks ago and those were NOT there then. I found some other things but that was the most striking find that was out of the ordinary for her.

Anyways I talked to a friend at length and I think I am going to give her a week or so off. I am out of town most of next week so I wouldn't be riding anyways...so I will just not ride from now till I leave too. Before I get back I will get the barn to do a three day course of bute and then one day of none before I ride her again. If she is better I will do more bodywork and continue time off. If she is the same or worse I will call the vet. UNLESS one of you sees something in the videos that I am not seeing. Quite possible....with your own horse all one's vet tech/massage knowledge goes out the window I swear.

Here are the videos I got. I know they make you a bit dizzy but I did what I could! They are under the cut.