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Have to admit that this year I am just not into the holidays. Not sure why either.
Maybe its the fact while it has been cold in GA, it has also been 70 this week as well. That is not very Christmasy weather for sure.
Plus I have been super busy with work and traveling. I want to just stay home and veg...not drive up to TN again to visit with family.

Had a good time at the barn party over the weekend. We all just meet at a mexican restaurant and had some drinks together. It was a lot of fun and I do have to say I love my barn. There may only be about 10 of us out there but it is a good group of people. And NO drama.

Gracie is getting most of this month off sadly. Just with work, weather, and the holidays I have probably been on her all of three times this month. Back to real work in January hopefully. If it will ever stop raining. At this rate I am going to need to find an indoor to trailer too a few times a week...and get a friend at the barn to let me borrow her trailer.

Off to TN in the morning and will be there through Saturday. And on the trip back we will be bringing my parrot from my mom's house down here to GA to live with us. Joanie, a Meyer's parrot, has been at her house since I was up in NYC...so kinda forever. And a long list of things has brought me to wanting to finally bring him back under my care. Mainly that he is approaching birdy middle age, and I want to make sure everything is done right to ensure he lives to 'old' age....from what I have read for his type of parrot can be between 20-50 years. Yeah that is kinda a big discrepancy in what is considered old age for him, but I couldn't get a more set answer. Each source seemed to have a different answer. He is 15 right now so need to get some blood work ran, and crack down on his diet....no more 101 almonds a week for him. It will be neat having him around again.
I am interested to see what all six of the mobile cats think of him...one cat lives in a room by himself so he won't meet the bird.
Joanie has held his own in the past with cats so I don't think it will be an issue. He is actually kinda evil.....

Need to finish packing and wrapping presents, and think about dinner. All that fun stuff I need to do before leaving town for days on end. If I don't get back on here Happy Holidays to everyone! Or Merry Christmas! Or Happy Festivus! Whatever you like!